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knee replacement surgeries

Knee Replacement Surgeries


Dr. Praneeth Reddy specializes in comprehensive knee replacement surgeries, offering expertise in various procedures like total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, and robotic knee replacement. Patients can trust Dr. Reddy for a personalized approach to knee joint procedures, including total knee arthroplasty and unilateral knee replacement.


Understanding the financial aspect, Dr. Reddy provides transparent information on knee replacement surgery cost and knee transplant cost, ensuring patients are well-informed. Whether it’s TKA surgery, ACL replacement surgery, or meniscus tear surgery, Dr. Reddy’s skill and precision shine through in each knee operation.


For those considering robotic knee replacement surgery, Dr. Praneeth Reddy integrates advanced technologies, emphasizing the benefits of robotic assisted knee replacement surgery. From total knee replacement surgery procedure to knee implant cost, Dr. Reddy prioritizes comprehensive care, addressing each patient’s unique needs.

With a focus on robotic knee arthroplasty and other innovative techniques, Dr. Praneeth Reddy stands as a leader in knee joint procedures. Whether it’s a complete knee replacement, UNI knee arthroplasty, or hemi knee replacement, Dr. Reddy’s commitment to excellence ensures optimal outcomes in knee surgery.

Knee Replacement surgeries

The decision to undergo knee replacement surgery for arthritis hinges on factors like the extent of joint damage and the patient’s age and activity level. If the arthritis is mild and the patient isn’t highly active, non-surgical approaches like physical therapy, NSAIDs (ibuprofen), and weight loss can be attempted to alleviate the condition and reduce knee pressure.


How can you determine if knee replacement surgery is necessary?

Consider surgery if:

  • Your knees display stiffness and swelling.
  • Pain persists throughout the day, even during rest.
  • Tasks like walking, standing up, or climbing stairs are painful and challenging.
  • Medication and therapy fail to provide adequate relief.
  • The knee cartilage has deteriorated, resulting in a “bone on bone” sensation, where joint bones are rubbing against each other.


Recovery and Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement

The recovery process promptly begins with physical therapy within 24 hours post-surgery. Our nursing team will aid in positioning and movement until you can do so independently, possibly using a leg pillow as directed by our surgeon.

Shortly after the procedure, a physical therapist will guide you through gentle exercises to enhance your range of motion, avoiding circulation issues and promoting muscle strength.

As soon as you’re deemed medically stable and your doctor authorizes postoperative mobility, your personalized rehabilitation commences. Beginning within a day of surgery, this program involves activities like sitting at bedside, safe bed transfers, walking with assistance devices (walker, cane, or crutches), and ascending stairs with aid. Your active involvement and commitment to physical therapy play a pivotal role in the success of your surgery and overall recovery.

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Frequently asked questions?

What factors influence knee replacement surgery cost, and is it covered by insurance?

A. Costs vary; consult Dr. Reddy for details, and insurance coverage may be available.

What is the difference between total knee arthroplasty and partial knee arthroplasty?

A. Total knee arthroplasty involves replacing the entire knee joint, while partial knee arthroplasty targets specific areas.

How does robotic knee replacement surgery differ from traditional knee replacement?

A. Robotic-assisted surgery enhances precision and may offer benefits in terms of recovery and outcomes.

What are the key considerations for knee transplant surgery, and what is the typical recovery period?

A. Dr. Reddy discusses individual factors, including knee transplant cost and recovery expectations, to provide personalized guidance.